Our member spotlight for the month of August is Captain Jeff Broadhurst. Jeff also serves as the Fire Department Treasurer.

Jeff moved to Weisenberg Township in 2016 and was quickly encouraged to join by then Fire Chief Brian Carl. Jeff completed the firefighter training academy hosted by Bucks County Community College and a bunch of other courses including Vehicle Rescue and Emergency Medical Responder. He enjoys the chance to serve his community and giving back in a rather direct way.

“Besides that obvious fulfilment I get from serving our community, I enjoy the people that I work with in the fire department. It has been a great way to meet and work with some wonderful people” Jeff said.

Jeff spends some of his time working on the family farm in Weisenberg and hiking on the farm or local trails. He is looking forward to travel restrictions dropping so that he and his wife Ellen can see more of the world. In 2019, Jeff flew to Kenya to train firefighters there. He also plans to go back to do more training this November. This training is organized by Africa Fire Missions, which provides training and equipment for fire departments in Africa.

More than 90% of Pennsylvania’s fire departments are volunteer based. Like other PA communities, Weisenberg is in need of people to help. Jeff says “I often invite people to join and typically get two responses – I’m too busy or I’m not running into burning buildings. We are all too busy and it’s ok to volunteer the time you can. Most of the members of our fire department don’t run into burning buildings. We need people to do fund raising, traffic control, truck operations, etc.” He adds “As a young lad, I thought I would enjoy driving fire trucks. Now I realize that I was right.” If you want to see if you can help, email membership@weisenbergfire.com or contact us through Facebook.