Volunteering with your local fire department is a rewarding experience. You’ll learn skills that can save the lives and property of your family, friends, neighbors, and community. There is something for everyone – new or experienced. You get to volunteer on your own time. We provide you with training, equipment, and support to do your very best for the community. You’ll meet like-minded individuals and join a family like none other.


The firefighters at Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department constantly strive to improve their skills through training. In addition to weekly in-house training, you’ll be given opportunities to take classes offered through neighboring departments, local community colleges, and various fire academies. There is something for everyone. From basic firefighting, to emergency medical services, to vehicle rescue, and much more, you’ll have the ability to learn skills that protect others.

Our department encourages training opportunities, so approved training is 100% paid. To further encourage you to learn, the department offers a unique recruitment and retention program to incentivize continuing education. Firefighters may receive financial benefits for each hour of approved training if they meet requirements of our program.

Emergency Response

Our fire department is located on the border of Lehigh and Berks counties and encompasses a variety of hazards and occupancies. Our service area includes highways, family residences, commercial structures, educational institutions, agriculture, and much more. This diverse response area means that our volunteers will encounter a variety of emergency situations – and they are ready to respond. Be it a motor vehicle accident on I-78, a fire alarm at a warehouse, or a single-family dwelling fire, you’ll be working with a trained and experienced team to tackle the incident.

Our department offers some unique opportunities for our fire team. We have a nightly duty crew program, where firefighters can sign up to cover emergency calls over night. Our Chief officers have duty officer weekends, ensuring that at least one Chief officer is committed to quick response and setting up command.

Our department creates incentives for emergency response through our recruitment and retention program. Firefighters may receive financial benefits based on their level of training for each emergency response they attend. Firefighters are also covered by our workers’ compensation, A&H, and AD&D insurance policies.

Community Outreach & Fire Prevention

At Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department, we understand the importance of community. That’s why our motto is, “our family, protecting your family.” To achieve this mission, our department takes special interest in community outreach and fire prevention programs. We partner with several local organizations, such as the local school district and Scout troops, to provide fire prevention messaging to youth or at-risk demographics in the community.

When you join our department, you’ll have the opportunity to help educate your neighbors and teach them skills that may one day save their life.