“It is important to give back.” Our member spotlight for the month of November is Firefighter and Quartermaster Tom Gauntner. After retirement, Tom was looking for something to keep busy. He went to EMT school and signed up as a supporter with our fire department. After obtaining his EMT, he was asked “why not become a firefighter?” Tom jokingly replied, “nobody asked!” While Tom is not interested in being an interior firefighter, he wanted to help during emergencies. When asked what Tom most enjoys about volunteering, he replied that it was “the people. You meet a lot of interesting folks who come from various walks of life and who want to help.”

When not volunteering with the fire department, Tom works part-time at Emmaus Ambulance, enjoys reading, gardening, and light woodworking. He also enjoys spending time with his family, including his eight grandchildren.

When asked what he would tell someone who is considering volunteering at their local fire department, Tom had this to say. “It is important to give back, whether volunteering your time or providing financial support to whatever organization or charity you believe in. Volunteerism seems to be a dying profession but it is what makes our community and our country great.”

Join Tom in helping to volunteer for your community. You can reach out to us on Facebook, send an email to membership@weisenbergfire.com, or stop by on a Monday night between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. There is always an opportunity to help. Training is provided.