Our member spotlight for the month of September is Firefighter Leo Scholler. Leo joined the fire department because he wanted to help people and felt volunteer firefighting was a great way to do it. Leo enjoys being a firefighter because, “I get to learn more about the fire service. I like the people here because they want to make a difference. I also like that I’m part of a somewhat newer fire department.”

In his spare time Leo is learning a new language (German), enjoys biking, and goes fishing. He also takes time to do some research on fire tactics.

When asked what he would tell someone considering volunteering with their local fire department, Leo says, “if you want to help your community and learn new skills you should join. The trade is evolving all the time. You can be a part of something where you can make a difference.”

Join Leo in helping to volunteer for your community. You can reach out to us on Facebook, send an email to membership@weisenbergfire.com, or stop by on a Monday night after 6:30pm. There is always an opportunity to help. Training is provided.