FF Goodolf

Our member spotlight for the month of April is Firefighter Andrew Goodolf. Andrew joined the fire department because he wanted to become a member of something that would benefit the community he lives in. Andrew also felt that firefighting could become his career some day and he wanted to learn more about it. In Andrew’s words, “the best part about volunteering are all the great people that you get to meet. Nobody is there because they have to be. Instead, everyone wants to be there. We share the same passion and enthusiasm for wanting to do as much as we can to help our community and keep it safe.”

When Andrew isn’t spending time at the fire department, he enjoys spending time outside hiking and playing soccer. He is also in college with one year left to go! When asked what he would tell someone considering volunteering with the fire department, Andrew says, “do it! You only have to commit as much time as you have available but each time you are there it is always a learning experience. The other members of the fire department are knowledgeable and they are always willing to share that knowledge. You will also become part of a great team that is committed to our community.”

Join Andrew, and many of your neighbors, in volunteering with us today! Stop by on a Monday training night at 6:30pm, contact us on Facebook, or email us at membership@weisenbergfire.com to learn more about this fulfilling and meaningful service.