You may have noticed that our website looks a little different. Well, that’s because it is! We have completely redesigned our website and transitioned to a new web host, WordPress, which will not only give our fire department more flexibility but also save our volunteer fire department approximately $800 per year!

Our website and social media are maintained by members of our all-volunteer department. In addition to running emergency calls, attending trainings, and operating on a variety of committees, these individuals have taken on the added work of keeping our community informed through news articles and social media posts. Having a more flexible platform allows these members to spend less time attending to the tools and more time communicating with our service area. Financially, the move was clearly beneficial to both our department and the taxpayer.

We hope you enjoy our new website! Take a look around. If you have feedback or questions, feel free to message Justin Oswald, our Lieutenant and Webmaster, at