Dear Neighbor,

The Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department, which covers all of Weisenberg Township, is asking for your support in our annual fund drive. Established in 2008, the Weisenberg Fire Department volunteers have dedicated themselves to providing the highest level of safety and service to our local community. We are asking for financial donations as well as a call for volunteers to support all aspects of the fire company.

Having an all volunteer staff is a tremendous cost savings to our community. We rely on your financial contributions to cover expenses not currently supported by the Township. Your generosity and support defray general operating and maintenance costs as well as fund training programs that allow firefighters to spend their volunteer hours training, not fundraising.

In addition to financial support, the Fire Department is always looking for new volunteers. New volunteer firefighters receive training and equipment and are encouraged to learn new skills to more safely and effectively provide emergency services to those in need. If you are interested in helping, but are not sure firefighting is within your scope, consider joining the Supporters, 2nd Alarmers or volunteering as an EMT. These dedicated volunteers are members who organize community events as well as provide backup support to firefighters on scene.

In closing, please take this opportunity to make a difference in your community by supporting Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department with either a tax-deductible donation, by volunteering or both.

Thank you,
Brian Carl
Fire Chief, Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department

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